Personal training sessions

At Gym21 a personal training is not just about lifting weights and performing exercises. Before we start it is important to define our goals, talk about ideas on making this a lifestyle. Then there are a number of ways to achieve your physique faster. Focusing on your body capabilities, balance with core strength and not only focusing on the aesthetics. My purpose is to teach you how to do it, not only when we train at the gym. Most importantly so that you do it independently, whenever and wherever in the world you are.

Individual training

Exclusive and unique

Specifically adjusted to your goal

Functional workouts for a bulletproof body

Boosting progress with hacks & daily rituals

Learning how to get the best out of your body

Feeling free

Free to move beyond what you ever thought was possible. These kind of training sessions are meant for individuals who want to take their body and mind to the next level. Since I can remember I really enjoyed working out when the gym was not really packed. That is what I had in mind when I decided to build Gym21. Spacious enough to perform most exercises, all the props are always at our disposal. Even the music in the background is always going to be to your liking.

Personal training & learning

We are going to upgrade the basic idea of training with a creative workout, built according to your specific physique. With each new session the warmup changes. Learning new tricks and movement patterns is not only fun, but also good for the brain. I will guide you through the new movement patterns every step of the way. Learning how to breathe correctly while exercising and in everyday life. Talk about different breath work techniques on how to ease the mind while under stress. Throughout each training session we talk about topics on how to improve and upgrade your lifestyle.

Located in Zupančičeva Jama near the city centre of Ljubljana. For more information e-mail me at / text or call +386 51 21 77 21