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My biggest inspiration and one of my favourite movement teachers. The way we I think about training is changing all the time, especially for the past ten years since i heard of Ido Portal. Why do we train and why it is important to move, how we move. Building daily habits, learning new ways of living, discovering movement patterns. Building a great physique and aesthetics is not the goal, it is a consequence of our training sessions.

One of the things Ido pointed out recently is the difference between official and unofficial practice. Official practice are the organised training sessions we plan and show up for. Everything we show up at the gym, when we go for a run, or any other sports activity. Then there is the unofficial practice, and that concerns everything we do during our day. From the time we wake up, the way we move around, even how we brush our teeth can be part of this training. There are infinite chances throughout the day for us to improve in different areas.

Movement is a big part of our everyday life, so I believe it is important to learn how to do it properly. Here is a short video, where Ido explains his thinking about training and why we move.

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