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Growing and building muscles is not the only thing that we think about when training. This is a project I did a couple years ago with Mark Pirc from Studio 7. Trying to get a message across to everyone who think working out and going to the gym is boring. I used to be one of those people, moving around those stationary elements at the gym. Working on those machines, building muscle through isolated movements.

The change

Once I started to get into functional movement everything changed. Just like in wakeboarding, I started to learn new movement patterns. In time, workouts started to get more and more interesting. Putting more muscle to work, exercises with multiple muscle groups really started growing on me. Research got me into building my core once I realised how important that was. When Instagram really started to kick off, with influencers and diverse personal trainers with their tricks. I thought that was even more fun. Some of their tricks can do more harm than good, but what is life if we don’t try some stupid ideas out as well.

Back in the days

Before I really started working out or should I say, training seriously at the gym my body was not prepared properly. Back in the early two thousands wakeboarding was sort of like snowboarding in the late 80s or early nineties. All freestyle, we even had an official party before the main event of the competition. Warming up was not very cool, we did not even know what stretching means. When we are young, we think we are invincible. Listening to the elders is not a part of our norm, and back then even they were not really that serous about taking care of their bodies. Even though my body was still young and ready, skipping my winter practice took a toll on it very soon. I injured my knee quite soon and at one point both of my shoulders were popping out daily.

Warmup, stretch & winter workouts

At one point I could not even get on the water before doing a good warmup. Winters became all about getting myself ready for the season. Every year I tried harder, talked to personal trainers, watched documentaries, even youtube videos on this topic. Later on I started training with all kinds of personal trainers. Sorted out my shoulder problems with strength, but it was not that easy with my knee. That one took some more time and effort.

Yoga and pilates

The first time I really got to feel better with my entire body was once I started practicing yoga. To this day I believe it is the best way for growing muscle, especially for building the most functional physique. I still do a lot of strength in the winter preparations, less in the beginning of the season. Once the wakeboarding season is in full swing, that is a strength training in itself. Therefore all we gotta do is stretch them out. Also vinyasa, or Flow yoga is a super strength training anyways. I draw my inspiration from yoga for my strength training now as well. Then there is pilates which works best for warmup and relaxation after a workout. Being a personal trainer in my world means teaching clients how to change their habits and daily routines. Those 21′ home workouts are actually a combination of pilates and yoga, with some intermittent high intensity periods.

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