Flow, it’s the harmony surrounding us. The miracle of things falling seamlessly into their places. The breathtaking beauty of nature, where every being, every cell serves the purpose of life flowing forward.

We are all part of the same flow that blows in the wind, dances down to the ground as rain, warms the earth as rays of sunlight, runs in the rivers and somewhere in the middle of that we’re just drops in the ocean, being one with all existing matter that surrounds us searching for our own peace and harmony, our perfect flow.

But we can be more than just followers. People always talk about going with the flow. But then you go wherever it takes you. You will end up doing what everyone else is doing, going along the most obvious path. Life will move forward with an ease, but something will always be missing.

For me, we are all creators of the flow, the most magical experiences are something we make happen. The perfect flow exists, when we are devoted to our passions.

There is this very special state of mind, where you are lost in the moment and time flies. It’s a place of full commitment and perfect focus. You go out there because you are ready to stretch your mind, body and skills to reach growth. And now you are becoming more than you were.

By this growth, you are creating an energy that did not exist before, contributing to the beauty of life that surrounds us. Flow means not wasting time, flow is being present, flow is committing to reaching our full potential.

And so, we leave our footprints to the eternal flow of existence.

Credits: Satori Factory, With Inka Tiitto – Lauri Aapro, Text was taken from the narration in the video.


Steven Kotler is one of my favourite authors. I read his books The Rise of Superman, Stealing Fire & the latest The Art of Impossible. All together they changed my life, the way I think about mental training, how I pull the best out of myself. I remember back in 2012 when we were filming Red Bull Upstream location search, that was a day full of focus. Thinking it through, then just going for it. There is no other way.

In the video below, he explains the basics and science of it all.

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