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After organising and attending three editions of Red Bull Upstream in my home town Ljubljana & winning the last edition, we stepped it way up the year after. While traveling through Slovenia, with a friend and an amazing rider Dominik Hernler, our first stop was Bled Gorge. With the help of an amazing safety crew we built a small wedge and then another big one. Dominik really showed his best on the bigger wedge, while my performance on it was fair.

The challenge – upstream

Did a few hits riding upstream on the same location after, where I felt really good. We saved the best for last, the big waterfall at the end of the day. Calculated the worst case scenario, tried not to think about it too much and just went for it. Once I decide something is going to work, I try to turn off my mind and let the flow of my subconscious do the work. In the end getting around the narrow corner on the way was the most challenging part. After making it over the big waterfall there is an instant scream of joy and satisfaction. There are moments like this in life a person never forgets and this one was one for the books. 

Day #2

The next day we hit the canyons of river Soča, where the spring of the river is. Mostly cruising with a nice wake up at 8 degrees Celsius first thing in the morning. I was not yet introduced to Wim Hof breath work or the cold shower regiment back then, so that was quite an experience in itself. Our last stop was kayak course Trnovo, one of the few natural kayak courses in the world, where we did a couple more upstream hits & concluded our project. As I mentioned in the video before going for our first run that was quite tricky as well. Fortunately we both completed all of our runs without hesitation or falling in the middle of the coruse.

I can easily say this is my favourite project to date. Working with Red Bull on this project was a dream come true.


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