Wakeboard camps

I have given a very significant portion of my life to wakeboarding. One could even say I am obsessed with strapping on my wakeboard, going for a ride. That is not the entire story though. Wakeboarding is about community around the sport, vibes at the cable park, or your crew shredding behind the boat. Inspiration & progression in freestyle sports comes from watching your buddies ride. Drive and motivation is a consequence of trying new tricks together, having fun and doing stupid stuff. Everything else disappears, future, past it’s all about being right there, in the moment.

Why come wakeboarding with me? This is my 23rd season and I went through all of the hard ways to get to the level where I am now. You can skip the mistakes I made and learn this beautiful sport in a much shorter amount of time. Years of pain from my injuries have taught me how to prepare the body for performance and how to avoid getting hurt.

  • 20+ years of experience in coaching
  • Specific warmup and active stretching
  • Beginner & intermediate camps
  • Professional coaching
  • Air tricks & kicker sessions
  • Strength and agility training
  • Season preparations
  • Mind training, visualisation
  • Competition optimisation

Wakeboard camps at Green Lake

I am currently spending a lot of time at Green Lake cable park in Kidričevo area. We have beginner camps on the weekends, and camps for intermediate riders throughout the week. We meet up before the camp, get to know each other and go through the basics. Before hitting the water we always to a thorough warmup. If I have learned anything in my two decades of wakeboarding is how important that is. Preparing the body for activity, that means activating muscles, going through the entire ROM with your joints and just being ready to face anything in the way.

After briefly going through the safety precautions we head to the starting dock and start riding. I explain the basic idea on how to start, go around the entire round then demonstrate it. Starting off the dock for the first time can be quite easy. If the participant has background in snowboarding or any other board sport, it usually does not take more than a couple tries. Being active in any sport or physical activity, is a big advantage when learning how to wakeboard for the first time. On each next start we just cover the steps to take on getting closer, until you get it. If you are wondering how it feels to be a part of a wakeboard camp, check out this one from Hip-Notics.

Wakeboard park Green Lake

If you have any questions about wakeboard coaching contact me at: robert@gym21.si or +38651217721