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Two days at wake park Dooplek

Season #21 has been a game changer for me. After spending the winter on the island of Krk, working from home, better said my friends luxury apartment. That gave me a unique opportunity to prepare for the season, train every day, lots of running, bike riding, yoga and spending time in an outside gym. Season started off in May and I have been riding much more than the last couple of years. This edit is from a Sunday at our local wake park located near Maribor. Check it out!

And this one is from a week before, couple air tricks included.

After spending so much time with my 21Rope team. Also one of my best friends in the world Vule, #21 is probably my favourite number. As I am updating this post, now that I have my own Gym where we all train to be #21 forever. All jokes aside, functional training combined with a daily routine is the best way to live. Add some sports, preferably freestyle and you have a party.

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