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The name of the project came up to me way back in 2008 when I had an idea for a wakeboard contest in the middle of the winter. We would build two pools in the snow, with obstacles made of ice and a bunch of other crazy stuff. All forms of water in one project, hence the name SnowSplash. I always thought about new, different places to wakeboard. Since I couldn’t get the idea out of my head, a few years later I started to come up with the first concept for this project.

Eventually an opportunity presented itself where I could just do the entire project with no budget. At the end of the summer 2013 a friend of mine brought me to a small town Hotavlje and introduced me to Miran Šinkovec. He built a 2.0 system made out of wood and an old ski lift in a little creek, right on his backyard. Before even hitting the water, that day I thought to myself. If it was winter right now I could just ollie on to the side and shred powder right there.


There was almost no snow in the valleys of Slovenia that year, but in February next winter it was dumping for a few days. So I grabbed my wakeboard, my 3mm shorty and got in the car with my buddy Borij Levski who believed in the project. When we arrived it was still snowing and I was not exactly sure how the board would ride in the snow. But it worked and I was pretty stoked to ride some pow that day.

Borij got another filmer from his company on board. I got an awesome photographer and friend Klavdija who I’ve worked with in the past to join us. We only had two more days for filming, since it got warmer very soon and my new wake park was melting away fast. On the last day we built the wooden pipe. Since I am not exactly a licensed snow park shaper, the approach was way too soft. Thus the epic crash in the video, which surprisingly was not as painful as another one later that day. I reshaped the incline, put my wet wetsuit back on at the cold shed and had a few more hits on the thing.

For some unexplainable reason the whole thing was never finished, until my good friend Mark Pirc, who edited two of my previous projects, was kind enough to edit this one as well.

So here we go, the whole story, more than 5 years to get from an idea to an actual clip, which you can check out down HERE!

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